January 22, 2018


ETEC understands how all businesses and individuals heavily rely on IT Systems and connectivity to the Internet. Due to this profound dependence, malicious actors find this as being a major caveat for business operations. Hence the mass growth year to year of prolific cyber-attacks across all industries and businesses regardless of size or status.

Reducing your exposure to such threats is not always an easy task, especially without the correct strategy or personnel. This is why ETEC are focused on stopping these threats whilst still enabling day-to-day business operations.

ETEC provide a number of solutions and services which are tailor-made for the SME market. This includes support, consultancy and auditing services, as well as other options such as phishing campaigns or product training.





Solution Related Service

  • Phishing Campaign Services
  • Security Essentials Audit

Cyber Security Services

  • Product Support Services
  • Solution Installations
  • Solution Enhancement Services